GovTech Poland – 1st prize for LogicAI

FinTech, MarTech… GovTech

What is GovTech all about? GovTech is fairly new creation which focuses on helping goverments to develop and implement technological projects. Think about Health, Finances, Police. Governments need specialized help and tools to solve all these problems. The technology is moving forward and so should the governments.

About the challenge we won

We won the GovTech challenge organized by the Ministry of Health and coordinated by CSIOZ ( The aim of the competition is to detect fraudulent patient records in hospitals. It gathered 67 individuals and companies interested in the topic. After almost 2 months of waiting and audits it turned out that our solution was the best.

Specifically, we focused on cases of upcoding which is fully explained on the competition website:

Increasingly, however, we are dealing with the phenomenon of upcoding, which consists of showing rates higher than the costs of service actually performed in the settlement of medical services. This is an unlawful practice used by suppliers who try to cheat the system to get more money than they negotiated. It results in increased costs for individual patients and – even worse – may even negatively affect their health. Providing false information about medical records may affect the patients’ future ability to insure.

Why is this competition important?

GovTech Poland is an important initiative which is meant for government organizations to organize competitions open for both individuals and companies. Before this, access to fulfilling such contracts was reserved for large companies.

Such open competition was the only way how a young company like ours could prove that it can realize an ambitious project.

Best by test

It makes sense for governments to use this formula more and more. If you really think about this it only makes sense. How to choose the best solution if not by organizing an open competition.

We look forward to next challenges.