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How AI development will affect your business and career

  • 49%

    of working time will be automated by 2030

  • 80%

    of company employees fear dismissal due to automation

  • 90%

    of companies declare that they will invest in AI and undergo digital transformation in the coming years

  • 94%

    of employees of companies using data in business would like to improve their competences in the field of AI

  • $15,7BILLION

    the global GDP will increase by 2030 due to the development of AI

What can you do about it?

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Professional AI training courses designed with your business in mind!

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Our strengths:

  • Dozens of

  • More than
    a dozen international
    AI competitions won.

  • Experts with years
    of experience
    as coaches.

  • Working on
    real industry

  • Access to teaching
    materials before
    and after the training.

  • Training tailored
    to individual

Unique nature of training

  • Prepared with managers' challenges in mind.

  • No technical experience required.

  • Conducted in Polish or English.

  • Carried out online or stationary.

  • Lots of tips to use the next working day.

Build industry advantage by applying innovation!

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Professional certificate

By completing the course prepared by LogicAI - data science experts recognized on the international market, you will become part of a global community of data science specialists.

LogicAI in numbers:

  • 50+

    digitization and digital transformation projects carried out on an international scale.

  • 10+

    awards in prestigious international Data Science competitions.

  • 5 mln

    Data Science specialists belonging to the Kaggle Days community, managed by LogicAI and Google.

  • 2

    stationary offices in Warsaw and Dubai.

Training offer

Strategic AI
Implementation AI
AI for teams
Tailored to individual needs
Learn the secrets of strategic business management using AI.
Rise to the heights of efficiency thanks to the use of AI solutions in business processes.
Build a conscious, modern and self-organizing team of AI specialists.
Decide for yourself what you want to learn!
For whom?

Business owners, board members
Senior management
Strategic leaders

For whom?

Project managers
Mid-level managerial staff
Teams implementing artificial intelligence projects

For whom?

HR directors who care about the employees’ development
Line workers
Project team members
Line and project team leaders

For whom?

Industry Experts Investing in AI
Teams needing a series of training sessions
People advanced in AI
Companies investing in transformation

When purchasing training for min. 10 people for your company, we offer free online training in AI basics (max. 400 people).

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Knowledge and experience

We have knowledge and coaching experience. Here are some of our clients:

They talk about us

Kaggle Days

We are co-founders of the largest existing Data Science community in the world. Thanks to Kaggle Days, more than 5 million specialists from around the world can exchange knowledge and experience and co-create new, innovative solutions applicable both on a global and local scale.

By connecting the worlds of business and science, we work together for a better tomorrow today!

Thank you for your trust

We have recognition in the world of Data Science

We have 10+ awards in the most prestigious Data Science competitions in Poland and abroad. Here are some of them:

Trivago RecSys 2019
GovTech 2019 for Ministry of Health
Mercari Price Suggestion Challenge
Global Kaggle Competitions

1st place

1st place

1st place

1nd and 3rd place

The most outstanding competition in the world in the field of recommendation systems.
The biggest competition in the first edition of govtech.
Victory among thousands of competitors in a unique Japanese e-commerce competition
12 distinctions.
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Why is it worth investing in artificial intelligence?

AI is present in almost every area of ​​our lives. AI is not only an empty buzz word and something that is currently trending. It is a competence the proper use of will determine who will succeed and will let you keep up with the ones ahead.

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Significant cost and risk reduction
  • Technological advancement
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in sales and profit
  • New customers and areas of activity

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