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Artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies of the twenty-first century. It has limitless potential and, in all likelihood, will transform every aspect of our lives in the near future. This isn’t only limited to our daily lives however, it is equally relevant to our business and economic lives as well. Many businesses, large and small, are thinking about integrating AI into their business processes, workflow, and HR management, and much more. Here, you’ll find the main areas where you can use AI to improve your business and the reasons why you need AI consulting services to help you achieve your goals.

Ways Businesses Can Use AI


#1 Deeper Customer Understanding

Customer segmentation analysis is one of the most fundamental aspects that can benefit from AI. Customer data analysis automation tools can help you easily reach interested consumers.


Artificial intelligence and marketing technologies provide detailed consumer information, by processing massive amounts of data and extracting accurate insights to predict patterns of customer behavior. You can easily split clients to precisely determine who you want: what platforms they use, and what they prefer, as a study - by Salesforce - revealed that 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their expectations.


With real-time data availability, determining what motivates your potential customers requires relatively straightforward AI algorithms. This means your marketing efforts can be focused on defining your messages with more accurate predictions of what customers want.


One of the advantages of using artificial intelligence is that it can discover customer browsing patterns, their buying behavior, and much more by analyzing a large number of transactions and interactions, Artificial intelligence can provide very customized offers to each customer according to their interests and preferences.

#2 Improve Content Creation

Consumers today expect personalized experiences with highly-relevant content online. And AI technologies can help you achieve this and in a very efficient manner as well. In a poll on the adoption of personalization processes in marketing - conducted by Evergage - 61% of marketers who used AI in marketing to provide personalized experiences on the web say that they have higher customer satisfaction rates and 63% of them say that they experience higher conversion rates.


Artificial intelligence tools can automate custom content creation efforts on a real-time basis, and this is simply something that humans cannot do. The insights extracted from search data allow professional marketers to focus on the most important ways to attract their target audience, whether by emails, push notifications, or articles/blog posts, website content, and social media accounts — No human can analyze all the relevant information and reach out to potential customers in the most effective way. Smart AI algorithms can analyze important data about users and help produce content and customized offers.


#3 Provide More Efficient Customer Support

Recently, interactive chatbots are being used as a new communication channel between brands and consumers, helping to improve the customer experience through online support.


These technologies can access a lot of data and analyze customer requests, so they act as virtual assistants often superior to what a human can provide, which creates an opportunity to build stronger relationships with your clientele. These technologies also simplify identifying problems, recurring patterns, and predicting the causes of user problems, and they do so around the clock, helping save time and resources.


If you already use interactive chatbots in your business, you may consider expanding your chat options beyond support interactions. AI-based interactive chatbots have many advantages: they can be used to communicate with an infinite number of clients at the same time - quite unlike humans - and can interact and initiate communication both on apps and web platforms making them very versatile.


Furthermore, these AI-based bots can also be used in providing advice, engaging website visitors in direct surveys, and providing recommendations based on customers’ previous behavior. This helps provide an excellent platform for personalized communication with each customer, thus increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

#4 Improve Ad Performance

Account-based marketing solutions can create smarter ads, but AI can boost ad performance exponentially, using potential customer targeting data: demographics, purchasing behavior, goals, interests, and searches, and other data sets using in-depth analysis that wasn’t possible before AI.


You might be surprised by the extent of the impact of artificial intelligence on the performance of marketing campaigns. For example, Harley Davidson motorcycle company used one of the marketing platforms that rely on artificial intelligence to attract daily leads, this helped the company improve the lead acquisition rate by 2,930% over just three months from the start of the campaign, which lead to a great increase in revenues and profits.


Their automated data analysis also revealed that ads that contained the word "call" such as: "Don't miss the opportunity to get a pre-owned Harley bike at a great price .. Call now" performed 447% better than ads containing the word buy such as, “buy a pre-owned Harley bike from our store now”. The AI algorithms were capable of detecting this automatically and replacing the word “buy” with “call us” and achieve really impressive results.


The benefits of artificial intelligence in advertising do not stop there, as AI technologies can utilize advertising methods that your competitors are not using and take advantage of it.


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Reasons Why AI Consulting is Necessary

Now that you know all the reasons why you need to employ AI in your business, it is time to learn why you also need to hire an agency to do it for you. There are certainly ways you can implement AI in your business on your own, but you’ll face many roadblocks:


#1 AI Algorithms are too Complex to Design on Your Own

AI algorithms are extremely complex and they draw from many specialized fields from mathematics, statistics, neurology, and philosophy. You need years of study before you could start constructing AI algorithms on a professional level required for businesses. If you don’t have the expertise yourself, you need to fall back on AI consulting agencies.

#2 AI Consulting Agencies Have More Experience and are More Specialized

Even if you have some experience with AI, you’ll likely only have experience with one or two subsets of AI. Artificial intelligence is a massive field nowadays with many subfields that require years to specialize in. Although you might hack something together even if it is outside your expertise, it’ll be far from perfect. This is why you need an AI consulting company. They’ll have a full team of professionals with skills that complement each other. They’ll be able to produce higher quality work — there’s no doubt about that.


#3 Access to the Latest Technologies

Artificial intelligence algorithms used in business environments are cutting edge technology — they are on the frontiers of our scientific knowledge, and as such, it is even more difficult to tame and crack.


Despite this difficulty, many businesses still try to take advantage of AI. This is sole because of how impressive the results are: more productivity, better revenue, streamlined processes, and much more.


So, if you want to have access to these latest technologies and gain a competitive edge, you need to hire an agency to do the work for you. There are no two ways about it. You won’t have access to the same technologies if you do it yourself. So check out the best AI consultants out there and choose an AI consulting agency that suits your needs.

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