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3 - Now you are playing with power

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Now you are playing with power!

"It was amazing," commented attendees of the third Kaggle Days X Z by HP World Championship meetup, and we fully agree. The Moscow event brought together as many as 280 data science enthusiasts in one place to take on the challenge and compete for three spots in the grand finale of Kaggle Days in Barcelona. Of course, we already know the winning teams that best handled the contest task. In addition to the excitement of the competition, in Moscow were also inspiring lectures, speeches, and fascinating presentations of modern equipment. As always, at Kaggle Days, a lot was going on. 

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There is no other non-profit event for data scientists as popular as the Kaggle Days Championships. The event consists of 12 local online meetups between November 2021 and August 2022, with each event attracting dozens or even hundreds of teams competing for one of 36 spots in the grand offline Kaggle Days Finals in Barcelona. Participation in the finals is a chance to win the Ultimate Data Science Champion title and great prizes and goodies from Kaggle Days and Z by HP. 

The meetup in Moscow, which took place in January 2022, is already behind us. So let's experience it again. 


How much electricity can a steam turbine generate? Moscow 2022

Supercritical pressure, ultra-supercritical pressure, or the boiling point of water or the temperature at which it converts to steam are not terms associated with data science. And yet! Data scientists constantly prove that their involvement in various scientific fields is essential. Meanwhile, participants at the Kaggle Days competition in Moscow confirmed that data science could help even monitor the parameters of such a specialized device as a steam turbine, which has continued to be used in electricity generation for many years.

At the third Kaggle Days meetup in January 2022, more than 100 teams from 55 countries tried to develop a system to predict steam turbine power generation to track load demand while ensuring safe and economical operation. There is no doubt that the bar has been set very high, but the Kaggle Days events are attended by the best representatives of the data science industry, who are not intimidated by such challenges. Suppose you weren't able to experience it with us. In that case, you'll have to take our word for it that the competition was fierce, and excitement accompanied the participants not only during the four-hour rivalry itself but also while listening to the speakers' speeches, Q&A sessions, and presentations of Z by HP devices. 


Winning teams 

The four-hour competition for the best solution to the competition task helped to determine the winning teams, which will already be able to participate in the grand finals in Barcelona. All groups gave their best until the end, but only three could be awarded. Here are the winners from the meetup in Moscow. 

With the winners, we see offline in Barcelona during the struggle for the title of world champions! 

Kaggle Days are not just competitions! So what else was going on in Moscow? 

At the Moscow meetup, like the other 11 online events, there was no shortage of inspiring presentations and speeches where attendees could gain knowledge from the best in data science. In January, on the Kaggle Days stage, we had the opportunity to host Mikhail Trofimov, ML Engineer and Kaggle Grandmaster, whose speech was listened to by as many as 444 Kaglers. The speaker's presentation was fascinating, as he talked about his beginnings in machine learning and data science, his development, and his path to becoming an expert in the field. Mikhail also shared with the audience his thoughts on how any beginner passionate about data science can gain knowledge and experience. 

There were also other distinguished guests on our stage. With us in Moscow were also: 

Event Summary

The third meetup within the framework of Kaggle Days was very successful. A lot of excitement was generated, in particular, by Mikhail Trofimov's lecture, who piqued everyone's interest by talking about the equipment he uses daily. The Kaggle Grandmaster also shared details about optimizing his technological background with the audience. Plenty of practical tips from one of the top experts in data science also influenced the lively interest of the participants in the Z by HP machines presentation. There was no denying that the capabilities of the equipment from HP impressed everyone. 

The presentations alone made the event held in Moscow extremely dynamic. But, of course, we can't forget that the essential part of any Kaggle Days event is the fight for places in the grand finale in Barcelona. Therefore, we congratulate the winners and the other participants, as each team showed excellent knowledge and commitment. 

We are particularly pleased with the entire event's reception from those who participated. We received very positive feedback, and we are proud. Just look at the sample comments. 

"I liked the competitions and the event altogether."

"Keep going!"

"Good event and learn new things apply the project."

"It was amazing."

Paras Varshney Data Scientist Author LinkedIn Profile
1 month, 2 weeks ago · 4 min read Kaggle Days

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