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4 - Nature never goes out of style!

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Nature never goes out of style!

The Kaggle Days Meetup in San Francisco has raised the bar again. Although it seems impossible, the participants of one of the most significant nonprofit events for data science enthusiasts are getting better with every next task! For us, it is a great pleasure to work with such talented minds! More than 80 teams had only 4 hours to solve the problem; the competition was fierce, but as one of the competitors mentioned - "It was really great; I can't wait for the event in Mumbai".

Five continents, twelve events, one grand finale, and a community of more than 10 million - that's Kaggle Days, a nonprofit event for data science enthusiasts and Kagglers. Beginning in November 2021, hundreds of participants attending each meetup face a daunting task to be on the podium and win one of three invitations to the finals in Barcelona and prizes from Kaggle Days and Z by HPZ by HP. 

But Kaggle Days isn't just about competitions; it's also about exciting speeches, workshops, and presentations where attendees can learn from Kaggle grandmasters and share their experiences. Of course, there was also a lot going on in San Francisco. So, it's time for a summary.

The popularity of natural photos is based on photography conditions. San Francisco 2022

The February 2022 Meetup combined science and art to solve real-world problems. Not just any art, but fascinating nature photography, showcasing nature that people cannot see and experience for themselves. In addition to its aesthetic value, nature photography helps stimulate people to care more about the planet and helps raise the profile of our world and environment. Can data science participate in this process? As much as possible! More than two hundred participants at the San Francisco Kaggle Days meetup proved that. 

The participating teams had to predict the average number of daily impressions that occur when a photo of nature is clicked based on various photographic factors. The task was not easy and, as always at the Kaggle Days competition, required a lot of knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking. What's more, the participants had only 4 hours to solve it! With such a stiff challenge, there are no losers! Every team gave their best. However, the rules are strict, and only three teams could receive an invitation to the final in Barcelona. 


Winning teams 

82 teams from 57 countries took up the challenge and competed in San Francisco for one of three spots in the grand finals and goodies from Kaggle Days and Z by HPZ by HP. Here are the top three teams: 

The event was not without surprises. Third and fourth place went to our winners from Meetup in New Delhi and Meetup in Moscow. They already have a ticket to the final. So, we are proud to announce that the next-in-line team that took 5th place, Tiki-Taka, is going to Barcelona.

See you during the grand finale of Kaggle Days as you compete for the title of data science champion!


We will remember this meetup for a very long time!

Do you have to be a master of data science to participate in the Kaggle Days competition? Of course not! For many teams that took the challenge in San Francisco, the meetup was an opportunity for a learning event. The winners always share their code so less experienced people can benefit from their knowledge and skills. The entire event is not limited just to the competition.

In San Francisco, we had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Ken Jee – dataset expert and Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group. Ken's speech was highly motivating and inspiring, as the speaker shared his story with the attendees. He talked about how a small project he did for his university became a milestone in his career. Ken also spoke about building a personal portfolio and brand using social media. He showed everyone how to use Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to develop a brand image of us or our company in the data science community and use it well in the community.

Such an exciting speech was a prelude to a highly engaging Q&A session, during which participants asked numerous questions to the speaker. Among other things, we discussed the basic mistakes creators on YouTube make these days in Data Science content. Participants also asked about the automation tools that Ken uses daily to simplify or manage the interaction with the community that comes through LinkedIn messages or YouTube comments. Finally, during the Q&A session, there were questions about why the speaker chose a particular field of sports data analytics early in his career. 

In addition, among the speakers, we had the honor of hosting: 


Event Summary

The numbers don't lie! More than 2,000 people who signed up for the Kaggle Days newsletter were interested in the San Francisco event. In addition, the meetup was attended by nearly 500 participants - including Kaggle Grandmasters and Masters! There is no other nonprofit event of this size for the entire data science community. We are grateful to all participants for their involvement. 

It's important to us that Kaggle Days is a time for inspiring meetings and knowledge sharing, and the February 2022 meetup, like the ones held so far, was just that. We love getting feedback from you on the events. Below we share some of the comments we received from participants. 

“Really liked the structure of the event and the speaker's talk.”

“It was a very great and educational event, also it is very helpful if winners share their codes on Kaggle.”

“I attended the previous event but not the last one.”

“Event is wonderful!”

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Paras Varshney Data Scientist Author LinkedIn Profile
1 month, 2 weeks ago · 4 min read Kaggle Days

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