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KaggleDays x Z by HP championship is a series of events that are conducted in collaboration with Z by HP as the sponsors with LogicAI and Kaggle as the organizers. The Championship consists of 12 online meetups held across the globe every 3 to 4 weeks with a final in-person event in Barcelona, Spain.

The 3 winning teams from every online meetup will be invited to participate in the in-person final meetup getting a chance to become the ultimate Kaggle Days champion and win Z by HP workstations.

KaggleDays is a community of more than 12 Million Data Scientists from all across the globe with diverse cultures and demographics with access to worldwide reach, accessible from anywhere through the meetups.

Registrations and Participants

Every competition brings a new set of adventures and excitement for Data Scientists competing worldwide to participate in our competitions and solve a real-world problem in a given short time interval of 4 hours. Participants are expected to develop machine learning solutions that can solve the given problem with the best performance to place at the top of the leaderboard.

In each competition, we see a considerable amount of new registration as well as repeated footfall. The following chart describes how the number of registrations and participations vary from location to location in every meetup.

Demographics of Participants

Every meetup is conducted in a different location around the world and we get diversified registrations in each new location that we visit. The following chart shows the most popular meetup locations based on the number of participants registering for the event.

Participants’ Experience on Kaggle

If we closely analyze the profiles of each participant, we notice that the set of participants who compete in our competitions are well qualified and have a good experience of using Kaggle. According to a survey, more than 27.7% of participants have been using kaggle for over 3 years now and have good exposure and involvement within the data science community. From the following chart, it is quite evident that an average participant competing in these competitions is clearly not a novice and has been using kaggle for quite some time. More than 91.5% of the participants have had a good experience using Kaggle for more than 6 months.

Types of Profiles

Our meetups entice Data Scientists with a well-thought-out real-world challenge that requires skills such as time management, team building, and leadership spirit which is something that top Grandmasters and Masters at Kaggle loves the most!

The following chart shows what fraction of participants in every completion are GrandMaster, Master, Expert, Contributor, and Novice.

Top 10 on Leaderboard

Maintaining a top position on the leaderboard is sometimes very challenging and competitions like these sometimes throw up a new set of challenges that only the experienced scientists can tackle. On analyzing our meetups trend we can say that the top 10 positions on the leaderboard have always been held by experienced Data Scientists who have the required skillsets and good exposure to state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms which can be implemented in a short time-based competition. The following chart shows the top 10 positions trend with the tier of the participants.

On average top 10 positions of each competition are held 84.4% by Grandmasters and Masters and the remaining 15.6% by Experts, Contributors, and Novice participants. The following analysis shows the average count of participants in reference to their profile tier, which clearly signifies that most of the positions in the top 10 on the leaderboard are held by Grandmasters and Masters.

Engagement in discussions

Participants get a sense of collaboration and building new connections with the community of data scientists from all around the world after attending the KaggleDays Global Championships. When we asked participants to rate (on a scale of 1 to 5), how much are they interested to participate in the discussions or how much more they are involved in the global community of data scientists after attending a KaggleDays meetup, we got the following responses which evidently proved that 81.2% of the participants were highly engaged in the discussions on slack channels, meetup chats, kaggle discussion forum, etc. and they have utilized that opportunity to make better connections, find teammates, discuss solutions and approaches after the competition, and much more. The following chart shows the engagement rating pie chart from the participant's feedback.

Participants Thoughts!

Our client’s feedback means a lot to us. Based on the feedback we receive we always keep thriving towards getting better at what we do. Here are a few comments from the feedback that we received from our participants at the end of every meetup.

“Great event, I had much fun! -Elisabetta

Elisabetta loves our competitions and she enjoyed the entire meeutp from the speaker’s presentation all the way to participating in the competition. 

“Event was very nice. looking forward for some more amazing competitions. I hope i could make it to final. -Amol

Amol loves the competition as a whole but couldn’t make it to the top. Despite this, he was able to cherish the excitement of participating in KaggleDays championships.

Paras Varshney Data Scientist Author LinkedIn Profile
6 months, 2 weeks ago · 3 min read Kaggle Days

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