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1 - Don't stop until you drop!

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“We enjoyed the competition.” “Such a great event!” — such was the feedback heard from participants at this year’s Kaggle Days, a series of non-profit events for experienced data scientists. This event is a lot of fun, a hefty dose of knowledge, and a unique opportunity to meet the best in the industry and learn from Kaggle Grandmasters.

Kaggle Days Championships are 12 online meetings filled with inspiring presentations and exciting competitions from November 2022 and attract hundreds of interested teams. During each event, three winning teams are selected, who will then be invited to participate in the offline finals in Barcelona. They will be able to become Kaggle Days champions as well as win great prizes and gadgets from Kaggle Days and Z by HP.
The first meetup in Shanghai is over, so we already know the first three teams competing offline in Barcelona’s grand finals.

Don’t stop until you drop, Shanghai 2021

The theme of the first meetup in Shanghai, with the intriguing name “Don’t stop until you drop,” proved to be no less surprising than the tasks that awaited the event’s participants. The theme was yoga, which has been gaining a growing number of followers in recent years due to its health-promoting effects. However, the complicated asanas in yoga are proving challenging for practitioners and state-of-the-art computer vision methods.

More than 500 participants taking on the classification task at a meetup in Shanghai tried their hand at developing an algorithm that could classify a person performing a given asana into the appropriate class. While this task may seem extremely complicated, the winning teams handled it phenomenally. However, we do not doubt that all the groups did their best.

Winning teams

During the tremendous inaugural meetup, the top three teams secured their spot at the 2022 Championship Finals in Barcelona. Participants from 53 different countries had 4 hours to solve a problem. The competition was hot and heavy. In the end, three teams came out on top.

First place: the CKS team (composition: Or Katz, Nurit Cohen Inger, Niv Goldshalger, and Seffi Cohen), which maintained their leadership position on the leaderboard.

Second place: RTX 4090 team (composition: Md Awsafur Rahman, Najibul Haque Sarker, Bismoy Paul, and Zaber Ibn Abdul Hakim), which moved up four positions up in the overall leaderboard.

Third place: Kyoho team (composition: Kazuki Fujikawa, Rin Sato, Takuya Akiyama, and Shuhei Yokoo), which moved up two positions on the leaderboard.

The victorious groups got a ticket to Barcelona for a chance to compete in the world championship!

Event Summary

Participation in the Kaggle Days meetup is an opportunity to verify your skills and gain new knowledge. So it’s no wonder that subsequent editions enjoy unflagging popularity. Here’s what some of our other challengers had to say:

It’s not the first time we participated in Kaggle days — Nurit & Seffi participated in Kaggle days Paris, and Seffi also participated in Kaggle days Tokyo. We worked together at Nurit’s home in this event- we expected a tabular challenge and were surprised it was a CV. Our solution trains five folds of SWIN transformer (large and base) with strong augmentations. For inference, we ensemble six of the best performance folds — CKS team.

We really enjoyed the competition. Hats off to the Kaggle Days team for doing such an amazing job. Here, we felt amazing like in any other Kaggle Competition. The problem difficulty and data size were perfect for the 4 hours duration. Finally, we would like to thank the Kaggle Days team again for hosting such a great event. We are really looking forward to upcoming events — RTX 4090 team.

We are happy to have won 3rd place and to be able to participate in the Championship Finals. It was much harder than we expected to work together in just 4 hours, but we enjoyed it — KYOHO team.

Paras Varshney Data Scientist Author LinkedIn Profile
4 months, 2 weeks ago · 3 min read Kaggle Days

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