Digitalization introduction – Training and mentorship for Sanofi

During the workshop, participants were presented with basics of AI - the proper definition, use of AI in everyday’s tools, different types of artificial intelligence and common misconceptions about it. Then we talked about Big data, AL, ML and deep learning.

What are the differences and links between them and how those systems are connected and dependent on each other.

Having that basic yet crucial knowledge in mind, we could move forward to learning how to analyze data potential and come up with AI ideas. We asked participants to come up with and share realistic challenges they face at their company and figured out AI based solutions which could be implemented in real life and automate business processes.

After the brainstorming session, participants presented their ideas and got some feedback from mentors. 

The workshop was followed by 1 on 1 mentoring sessions where participants could work on their ideas further and make them ready to implement at the company. 

Industry: Health
Technologies: EventAI

Other case studies

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry of Health

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry of Health

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry...

GovTech Polska is using the competition formula to involve tech startups in solving state-scale technological challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The central entity is the public sector, which reports challenges and looks for modern ways to solve them but the indirect beneficiaries are of course citizens. 

LogicAI Team

22 Nov 2022