Identifying and addressing one-time customers

One time customers, or one-timers are customers that use a service or buy a product from a specific provider once and never do it again. It is important to keep customers engaged and return to previously chosen businesses.

Together with LVMH and Dior we worked on a solution to identify one-timers and created a more systematic approach to turning them into returning customers.

Our approach was based on an idea that customers can be viewed as a collection of events, such as creating an account, buying a product or a service, but also receiving a phone call or an email. This innovative way of thinking allowed us to identify one-timers and create a systematic procedure of engaging and, as a result, turning them into returning customers. As a result, our algorithms helped to achieve a significant lift, based on active customers engagement strategies.

Industry: Retail
Technologies: EventAI

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LogicAI Team

22 Nov 2022