Predicting number of crimes

Organizing Kaggle Days in Dubai, we were lucky to cooperate with Dubai Police. The goal was to reduce patrols' waiting time. We divided it into two subtasks: predicting the number of crimes within each hour of the day in smaller areas (hexagons) and clustering those hexagons into manageable groups.

The competition was about the first subtask. Participants used historical data of incidents, acquired during the last four years, in 319 areas of Dubai. Additionally, we provided them with weather, temperature, and public holidays datasets. Twenty-six teams competed for 9.5 hours. To exceed expectations, LogicAI prepared an algorithm to cluster regions in Dubai to reduce the response time of the police forces.

With the help of seasoned Data Scientist we have also brainstormed to solve two serious problems that all societies struggle with nowadays. We have decided to focus on Reducing fatalities on roads, and to design AI projects that would help tracking child abuse online and as an outcome – minimize this online crime.

Industry: Government
Technologies: Python

Other case studies

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry of Health

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry of Health

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry...

GovTech Polska is using the competition formula to involve tech startups in solving state-scale technological challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The central entity is the public sector, which reports challenges and looks for modern ways to solve them but the indirect beneficiaries are of course citizens. 

LogicAI Team

22 Nov 2022