EventAI - Feature Engineering made easy!


Fast and efficient Machine Learning tool for analysis, simulation and prediction of individual customer decisions, based on event data, that is available in every company.


Written by Data Science experts for experts


EventAI was written by Data Scientists with 10+ years of experience, solving various problems for the industry. We created product that we want to use.


Use as many data sources as you need


EventAI allows extracting features from multiple of data sources, while standard tools face difficulties with only 2.


Start using it in minutes


Only one day is needed to be able to actively use EventAI and only a week to become fluent.


Easy declaration of new features


Insted of writing 10-50 lines of code to create a new variable, we offer just 1 line of code that dynamically transforms your data.


Designed to work in teams 


Many people can easily work on the same code without losing the logic of the solution.




Struggling to define more advanced features? Let us help you.

Why EventAI is important?


Event data,

is all the data about customers, that a company stores, eg. transactions, contact history, activity in the system, complaints and many more. All event data include time (date or date&hour)


Tools to process event data

Traditional Business Intelligence Tools, like SQL, are static and not effective in processing event data. EventAI is using Machine Learning, instead of SQL, to process event data in a fast, easy and accurate way


Event AI is using Machine Learning to excel simulations and predictions

Unifying the work of the entire Data Science team and processing data from many sources at the same time, we are able to create many scenarios and test them in the tool, and choose the scenario with the best score. Prepare for faster and more accurate predictive models and thus draw individual conclusions for each client




"EventAI, with the ease of declaring features and aggregation functions, made the feature engineering process simpler, less prone to errors and easy to control. Having the predictions, we were able to optimize offline classes schedule, improve classes occupancies and reduce students waiting time."


Product Owner at Wall Street English





"Together with LogicAI we built a prototype of a framework called EventAI which simplifies model declaration. The framework let the analysts create sophisticated metrics describing the customers and use them easily. The tool is a solution that is available to all financial institutions in need of such mechanism."


Manager at Alior Bank




"What we really liked about working with LogicAI is that it took us less than 10 hours to create a dedicated model, model definition and research."


Manager at Oil&Gas






Projects that use EventAI


Predicting defaults for small and medium businesses

Predicting student progress, optimizing classes schedules

Starts with Feature Engineering & helps Data Scientists with the hardest part of the process


EventAI makes your work easier and faster with better understanding of results.

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