Building Data Science Community for UAE

Better World Hackathon was the first step towards building a strong AI community in UAE and also a part of International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Better World Hackathon’s aim was to bring talents and ideas to the country, to give opportunities for data science experts from all over the world to build innovative AI products. It was a global challenge for AI and Data Science teams to compete for prizes worth 310 K USD. The Hackathon was divided into 3 areas: security, civil defence and services.

Besides organisation, logistics and marketing expertise, we worked with several ministry departments to analyze their data and prepare them for digitalization. It has led to becoming an official supplier in Data Science, for the Ministry of Interior for digitalization.

Industry: Education
Technologies: EventAI

Other case studies

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry of Health

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry of Health

Fraud detection for Polish Ministry...

GovTech Polska is using the competition formula to involve tech startups in solving state-scale technological challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The central entity is the public sector, which reports challenges and looks for modern ways to solve them but the indirect beneficiaries are of course citizens. 

LogicAI Team

22 Nov 2022