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RecoAI is a Recommendation
system powered by AI


RecoAI is an ethical, AI-powered recommendation system that quickly and accurately connects online customers with the products they want by analyzing their real-time behavior.

Now, how can it make your business grow?

35% disruptive income growth
75% increased customer satisfaction
31% improved performance on average
(relative to market competition)

Projects that use RecoAI:


EventAI is a Machine Learning tool for analysis, simulation, and prediction of individual customer decisions. It’s feature engineering made easy!

90% less code needed for implementation
Made by a team with 10+ years of experience, solving various problems across the range of industries
Use as many data sources as you need

Projects that use EventAI:

in community building

Community building
& Kaggle Days

Stakeholder analysis, risk management, project planning, hands-on workshops and all the rest – we will lead you through anything that’s necessary to build and grow the community that naturally complements your business. We’re going bring value that no one has brought before.

10 mln+ people in a community we’ve built (and it’s still growing!)

10+ completed commercial projects in community building

Unique PhD competencies

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