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Upcoding detection in hospitals

Our system won a Government competition for detecting upcoding in hospitals – see here

The system is based on Machine Learning exploration of patient records. The system finds anomalous patterns which are encoded as “detectors”. Each detector has a predefined format and provides intuitive explanations that can serve as a proof for audit purposes.

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Context recommendation system

We took part in RecSys 2019 competition. We built a system for session based recommendations which currently is at the 1st place of this prestigious competition.

We specialize in event driven recommendations which adapts the suggestions to the last actions performed by the user.

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Machine learning

As AI oriented software house, we deliver end2end AI projects using all cutting edge technologies available on the market.

We advise our customers what technology can be used to solve their problems

Data Science and advanced analytics

We advise our customers how to manage their data, using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning.

We know how to transform Big Data to Business Effects

Workshops and bootcamps

We help Teams achieve excellence in Data Science skills.

We know how to build Teams and teach in a hands-on model


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