Investment and savings optimization for Limitless

Fintech products are inseparable from the AI industry. AI makes fintech safe, accurate, fair and effective. It is crucial for financial apps to have solid data management and algorithms.

Limitless is a financial wellbeing app targeted at Millennials and licensed to corporations that reached out to us to develop how to predict the size of monthly savings, customers are willing to put aside. The app helps corporate employees build their financial safety net and boost their overall satisfaction. It enables users to invest money automatically, with a solution adapted to their daily lives.The Open banking mobile app uses algorithms to analyse transactional data and determine the maximum amount that can be safely moved to saving and investing accounts. 

To make Limitless app safe and accurate, we worked closely with the team to be sure our predictions are precise. We used ML & DL techniques into a recommendation model to suggest how to save to achieve the dream goal, as well as optimization to find the best personalized investment strategy within the user’s given timeline.

Industry: Finance and Banking
Technologies: Python

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LogicAI Team

22 Nov 2022