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General Promotions and Awareness

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KaggleDays x Z by HP championship is a series of events that are conducted in collaboration with Z by HP as the sponsors with LogicAI and Kaggle as the organizers. The Championship consists of 12 online meetups held across the globe every 3 to 4 weeks with a final in-person event in Barcelona, Spain.

The 3 winning teams from every online meetup will be invited to participate in the in-person final meetup getting a chance to become the ultimate Kaggle Days champion and win Z by HP workstations.

KaggleDays is a community of more than 12 Million Data Scientists from all across the globe with diverse cultures and demographics with access to worldwide reach, accessible from anywhere through the meetups.

12+1 competitions spanning almost a year!

KaggleDays championships have been organized for the first time with 12 meetups which are held across various locations around the world. Meetups are held every 3 or 4 weeks at a new timezone virtually inviting a community of data scientists to collaborate and solve a real-world problem. These meetups are followed by a final event which is organized as an in-person event in Barcelona, Spain. Spanning over almost an entire year, the KaggleDays championship is a great opportunity for promoting general awareness and demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) toward making a vision of the world a better place. Meetups are organized by inviting data scientists from all around the world who are driven by a mission to solve a problem in a constrained time-bound competition that is held in every meetup.

Partner’s presentation in the meetups

As a part of our agenda, we hand over the stage to our partner Z by HP for a live presentation presented by their representatives for demonstrating their products and sharing their breakthroughs in the hardware and software, presenting live during each meeutp in front of all the participants. This live presentation highlights the top innovations in hardware and software technology, which helps develop more powerful and reliable data science solutions from Z by HP. The live presentations also demonstrate the use of Z Workstations and their performance in training state-of-the-art deep learning models. They also highlight how the Z by HP ambassadors have been utilizing the hardware and software stack to get the maximum performance for their day-to-day work and to stand in top positions on the leaderboard while participating in a Kaggle competition.

Special Product booth

To support the participants with any kind of information they want regarding the hardware and software stack provided by Z by HP, we have a live product booth at every meetup where the participants can have a 1:1 interactive session with the representative from our partner Z by HP. Participants get support for any query they have regarding their products and hardware and can discuss other opportunities such as ambassadorships with Z by HP. During an entire event, the product booth remains active and any participant can take advantage of the promotional booth to discuss their personal hardware requirements and choose what best suits their needs.

Every meetup has a defined agenda that houses a live presentation from top Kaggle Grandmasters as the speaker. This is one of the most interesting sections for the participants as they get to attend the live presentation from someone who has already been there and done that when it comes to winning a Kaggle competition. Our guests are someone who is not just Kaggle Grandmasters but the ones who have won multiple titles in global competitions and worked on some great research projects professionally. Participants get the opportunity to learn from these experts and their experiences which helps them to get better at what they do! 

KaggleDays Championship allows the participants to attend a live QnA session at the end of the presentation from the guest speakers, where they can ask anything whether it be any technical doubt or they want to know the speaker’s thoughts on a particular framework. Literally anything!

Unleash the power of Z by HP Workstations in the finals

The invited participants for the final would get the chance to use the brand new HP workstations for the final event that comes up preloaded with the data science software stack and are powered by Nvidia RTX GPUs. Winners would also get the chance to win exciting prizes from KaggleDays and HP. The workstations used in the finals would be extremely powerful so that the participants can train intensive networks on them, and at the same time will serve as the equalizer for setting up the same hardware standards for all the teams, so that the best one wins without any hardware advantage over others.

Partner's logo everywhere!

The partnership gives the exclusive rights to our partner to share their logo with us which we would use for every promotional campaign to promote the KaggleDays championship among the large community of data scientists. We would use the partner’s logo on every banner, social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter), KaggleDays newsletter, Kaggle promotions, and all brandings. In KaggleDays x Z by HP championship, we have used the Z by HP logo and branding at our every presence which helped us to promote the championship as well as the Z by HP products with the data science community at the same time. A few sample brandings with exclusive logo use from the KaggleDays x Z by HP championship are provided below.

Partner’s branding in presentation footers
Partner’s branding in merchandise
Partner’s brandings on website

Highlighting partner’s social activities and general awareness

The KaggleDays Championship enables us to bring into the spotlight the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) with which our partners are enabling us with a better future. This highlights the importance of how our partners are aiming at building a better ecosystem by getting real-world problems solved at a global scale as big as a community of 12 Million Data Scientists competing in our competitions from all around the world. At KaggleDays x Z by HP championship we showcase the general awareness campaigns which align completely with the CSR of Z by HP and designed each meetup with an aim to solve some really challenging problems such as climate actions, and reducing carbon footprints, diversity and equality, and much more…

Highlighting some of the Z by HP’s corporate social responsibilities

Aspiring a lot of students around the world!

It’s a myth that a top data scientist would be someone with a lot of degrees and years of working experience. Students and freelancers share a major fraction on the top of the leaderboard in our competitions and some of the winning teams even consist of many students from all across the globe. Our Championship is leaving an everlasting impact and inspiring a lot of data scientists majorly students who are new and want to explore deeper into the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. By participating in our community meetups, they get the chance to network and compete with experienced data scientists and get inspired by our mission which we have been driving on with our partners!

Working professionals get to experience their hardware/software

Data science workflows mostly require high-end machines with powerful computers with good memory resources which are also mostly used by many industry professionals in the championships enabling them to experience the use of Z by HP hardware and its potential which can enhance their day-to-day productivity by multiple folds, from winning a Kaggle competition to utilizing the hardware's capability in their workspace which provides them the hardware resources to handle large data sets and train state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Participants Thoughts!

Our client’s feedback means a lot to us. Based on the feedback we receive we always keep thriving towards getting better at what we do. Here are a few comments from the feedback that we received from our participants at the end of every meetup.

“These events are just a way to relax from my boredom working life. I had an amazing time participating in the meetup and learning from grandmasters like Abhishek-Sutar 
“The event is great, since I am a beginner it's gets hard to submit good results within four hours, but the datasets are always interesting! I keep learning a lot of new techniques from each competition which is getting better with every new meetup. -Armin
Paras Varshney Data Scientist Author LinkedIn Profile
5 months, 1 week ago · 5 min read Kaggle Days

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