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Kaggle Days China

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Kaggle Days are a series of non-profit events for experienced Data Scientist, during which the knowledge flow happens in all possible directions. Participants get an exclusive opportunity to meet other Data Scientists from all around the world, as well as learn from Kaggle Grandmasters - top representatives of AI industry, who come to the event to share their experience and knowledge, as well as meet their peers from Kaggle, whom they’ve known only from the online world.

LogicAI is a Kaggle Days creator and sole organizer.  We are a Team of experienced, passionate Data Scientists, who highly value constant growth through expanding our skillset. We believe that there is no better way to achieve that, than being a part of a well-knit worldwide community. 


The 5th edition of this event, Kaggle Days China, took place in Beijing on 19-20th of October. During this edition, we introduced two tracks for the first time - allowing not only experts in the field of data science to participate, but also novice - those who are just getting started in the field.

"This event is very satisfying and incredibly good! This is a good opportunity to meet with grand masters and kindred spirits. And all the workshops/lectures were informative and inspiring. Can't wait for the next Kaggle Days!”

Have a look at a couple of statistics from the event:

>360 Participants    2 days  2 tracks 16 Kaggle Grandmasters and Masters

You can learn more about previous editions of Kaggle Days on our blog or join a local Kaggle Days Meetup in your city.


The form of the event was similar to previous editions: on Day 1, participants got to learn from top Kagglers at a series of presentations, workshops and tutorials. Unique characteristic of this edition was that 90% of the participants came from China. To facilitate the communication and understanding of the sessions both for Chinese and English participants, we provided translation headsets and each of the sessions was provided in two languages - English and Chinese.

On Saturday morning, Oct 19th, Maria and Pawel (CEO and CTO of LogicAI) provided an inspirational opening keynote presentation to create the atmosphere and set the mood for the following two days.

‘Great event, perfect balance between data, fun, networking’

After morning registration and opening session, over 360 participants divided in two tracks - the Expert track and Novice track. Both tracks could choose between attending presentations on technical topics, or hands-on workshops. Our competent and engaged Speakers on Expert track prepared captivating content on topics such as: NLP, image classification, ML for optimization problems and deep learning. Novice track provided no less of an immersive topics: basics for time series, feature engineering, how to start with tabular data, computer vision and many more. If you’re interested to know more about the agenda, you can find a detailed one here:

We were happy to gather 14 skilled and experienced Kaggle Grandmasters as Speakers at this edition, which raised the bar for future events significantly! The first day ended with exciting announcement - sneak peek into next day’s Kaggle offline competition topic.


By tradition, after the first day of the event committed to learning and networking, the second day of the event was practice-oriented. On Expert track, participants got to work solo or team-up and solve real scientific problem - ‘which astronomical photos depict stars?’. If you got interested in this part of the event, feel free to check out more details about the competition under this link:

At the same time, newbies in the field of data science on Novice track could take part in 3 sessions throughout the day - guided tutorials through a competition chosen by the Speaker. Together, participants of this track got to solve the problem and submit their first solutions ever on Kaggle!

After the whole day of working on data science problem, came the moment that everyone has been waiting for - we could announce the winners. As usual, the event ended with a party to cherish the winners and exchange contacts with newly made friends. We cannot wait to visit China next year - yes, this is correct - Kaggle Days China 2020 has been officially announced! Stay posted for more details.

“It was absolutely great event that every Data Science enthusiasts should participate.”

All the materials and photos from Kaggle Days China are shared and available publicly. Check them out here! If you’d like to learn from the presentations and workshops, make sure to check out the recordings on YouTube playlist


The idea sounds interesting? Join the existing local community or organize a Meetup/Event in your city. Meet data scientists from your city, country or a continent and inspire each other to become even better specialists in the field.


LogicAI is a data science consulting company providing end to end solutions for business problems using advanced analytics and machine learning models. LogicAI is a sole Kaggle partner for building the world's biggest offline data science community.

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Aleksandra Pryczek Data Scientist
1 year, 9 months ago · 4 min read Kaggle Days

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